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Maximize Your Anti-Aging Efforts with Strength Training

As aging and taxes are two unavoidable realities, since I am no financial expert, I am going to help you with the former. Strength training can help you age gracefully. Believe it or not, strength training is one of the most effective ways to hold onto your youth, even in your 50s and onward. The positive benefits are endless, so let’s review a few of them.

Less Pain

 Weak things break, but a strong body is resilient to the stimulus we give it. Strength training has numerous benefits for the skeletal system, increasing bone density being one of the most important. Last November I wrong a more in-depth blog as to how these aches & pains are not a result of aging, but a result of our lifestyle and habit changes, as we age, you can find that blog here. As we age our bones and muscles will deteriorate over time, but continuing to follow an intelligently written strength training program can lessen the negative effects of aging.

Weight Management

 As we age our metabolism slows down, but building muscle and strength can actually help us reverse this. By gaining muscle, our bodies turn into calorie burning machines, as the more muscle mass one has, the higher their resting metabolic rate is.

Continued Activity

By building a strong body, even while aging, you can continue or revisit the activities you enjoyed in your younger years. When those aches and pains go away after building some more strength, you will be able to return to playing that weekly round of golf, going on hikes, or playing hockey with your kids. Strength training can help you stay feeling young, active, and feeling good.

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