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Mindset Shift: Less Passion, More Purpose

The difference between those who can fully commit to their health and fitness and those that have an on and off relationship with health and fitness, is purpose. The people who approach their health purposefully are the ones that have a why, a reason to make the sacrifices that they make. Those who are merely passionate about their health and fitness, go about it as something they do for fun. The individual who instills purpose into their fitness will always go the extra mile for their health; their reason for their strict diet and training is greater than the enjoyment it brings them. They have a why, a powerful reason why they continue to push the pace. The why doesn’t have to be tied to some big audacious goal, it can be as simple as wanting to be able to keep up with their grandkids or continue to go on that annual weekend hiking trip.  Nevertheless, their health is fueled by something greater than themselves.

Enter, motivation. Motivation and passion go hand in hand and the antidote to motivation is discipline. Discipline and purpose go hand in hand, without one there is not the other. When you embark on your health journey, you may feel motivated off the hop. Go to any gym in January, it’s packed with motivated individuals who are ready to make a change. Go back to that same gym in May, you won’t see as many motivated people as you will see disciplined people.

When it comes to fully committing to your goals, approach them with purpose and discipline. With a long-term goal in mind, the journey will not only be more enjoyable, it will relieve you of the pressure of hitting an immediate goal. This will allow you to stack positive habit over positive habit, which is far more optimal for long-term success. Fitness is a marathon, not a race. Play the long-game, enjoy the game and you will reap the fruits of your labor.

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