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Three Unconventional Ways to Become Brutally Strong

Getting stronger is a lot more than just adding weight to the bar each week or adding a rep, that only works for so long. When you feel you are plateauing on your lifts, you are given the opportunity to find a new way to progress. The most common mistake here is trying too many things at once or not giving new methods enough time to work. I am going to outline three sure fire ways you can add weight to the bar.


The best way to get better at something that you struggle with is to spend more time there. Whether it be a particular chapter in a textbook or the lock out portion of your bench press, spending time there will help you improve. Isometrics allow us to spend calculated amounts of time in the areas where we are weak. For instance, if you constantly fail your bench press max three inches above your chest then you need to spend more time in that position. Performing paused reps for 5 seconds three inches above your chest can help you build strength in that specific joint angle.

Loaded Carries

Having a strong body but weak hands is like trying to shoot a cannon out of a canoe. Make a fist with both hands and squeeze as hard as you can for 10 seconds. Notice how the rest of your body tenses up, your hands play an important role in your ability to display your bodies production of strength. By incorporating heavy farmer walks, of different variations (single arm, over head, front rack). While training your grip you are also training your core and stabilizers to handle heavy loads. This is exactly what we want when it comes to building ridiculous strength.


The most boring, but essential way to get stronger is to dial in your technique. I recommend recording your sets and reviewing them after your workout. This is where you can see if you are shifting or favoring one side over the other, which can be difficult to tell during the set. If you aren’t sure about your technique, send me a video and I am happy to review it and provide you with some tips.

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