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Top 3 Summer Activities That Maximize Calorie Burn

Are you looking to boost your fitness journey with activities that not only offer fun under the sun but also significant calorie burn? Living in Kamloops provides the perfect backdrop for engaging in exhilarating summer activities that help with weight loss and can easily fit into your busy schedule. Supported by data and studies, we explore three top activities that are not only effective for burning calories but also feasible for those with limited time. Discover how these activities can complement your personal training goals and help maintain your fitness during the summer.

1. Hiking the Scenic Trails of Kamloops

Hiking is one of the most calorie-burning activities, and Kamloops boasts some breathtaking trails that are perfect for this exercise. Engaging in a vigorous hike can burn anywhere from 400 to 550 calories per hour, depending on the intensity and your body weight. The Peterson Creek Park, with its expansive network of trails ranging from easy to challenging, offers a versatile setting for your hiking regimen.

Implementing Hiking into Your Schedule

To incorporate hiking into a hectic lifestyle, consider scheduling short hikes during the weekdays and longer excursions on the weekends. Early morning hikes can be particularly invigorating and a great start to your day. Even a quick 30-minute hike can contribute significantly to your daily calorie burn and weight loss goals.

2. Kayaking Along the Thompson River

Kayaking not only provides a peaceful escape from daily stress but also a powerful workout that targets the upper body, core, and even the legs. Paddling through the waters of the Thompson River can burn up to 350-500 calories per hour. The rhythmic activity of kayaking enhances cardiovascular fitness while also improving muscle strength and flexibility.

Fitting Kayaking into a Busy Lifestyle

For busy individuals, consider joining a weekend kayaking club or booking a recurring early morning session with a personal trainer in Kamloops who specializes in outdoor sports. This not only sets a committed schedule but also ensures consistency in your activity level. Moreover, kayaking in the early hours or during sunsets can be a tranquil way to connect with nature and maintain your fitness regime.

3. Cycling Through the City and Beyond

Cycling is an excellent way to explore the beautiful landscapes of Kamloops while shedding calories. An hour of cycling can burn approximately 500 to 1000 calories, depending on the intensity of the ride and the terrain. Kamloops’ extensive bike paths and mountain trails provide the perfect terrain for both casual rides and more intense cycling adventures.

Integrating Cycling into Your Daily Routine

To integrate cycling into your daily routine, consider biking to work or using a bike for short errands instead of driving. For those with extremely tight schedules, a stationary bike at home could also serve the purpose. Regular weekend cycling excursions can be planned with a personal trainer or a cycling group to keep the momentum and make it a social activity as well.


Summertime in Kamloops is not just about enjoying the great outdoors; it’s also an opportunity to enhance your fitness. Whether it’s hiking, kayaking, or cycling, these activities not only help with weight loss but also improve overall health. By incorporating these exercises into your schedule with the help of personal training professionals, you can ensure that your summer activities are both enjoyable and effective at burning calories. Remember, consistency is key in any fitness regimen, and integrating these activities into your daily life can lead to significant health benefits and a fulfilling lifestyle in Kamloops.

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