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Why Full Body Workouts are the Most Effective for Strength and Muscle Gain

Full body workouts are an excellent way to achieve better results from your training. By targeting your entire body during each session, you can burn more calories, gain more strength and achieve more muscle growth than if you were to focus on specific areas.

One of the primary benefits of full body workouts is that you won’t be over-stressing any particular area of your body. Instead, the load is evenly spread throughout the week, allowing for steady incremental progress. This approach allows you to build up your work capacity, enabling you to train harder and longer with each passing week.

Moreover, training your body multiple times a week helps to improve your technique and your comfort level with certain movements. For example, if you were only bench pressing once a week on your “chest day”, you would not have the opportunity to practice that movement pattern frequently. However, by training full body, you can mix in the same movement pattern multiple times per week, allowing you to practice it and improve your technique.

In addition to improving technique, full body workouts also lead to greater muscle and strength gains. By stressing your muscles just enough, multiple times per week, you can expect a drastic increase in strength and muscle growth. This is particularly beneficial for those who can only train three days per week, as a full body split is perfect for them.

Furthermore, full body workouts are ideal for people with busy schedules because they can miss a workout without worrying about missing a certain muscle group that week. Even if you can only get in one full body session per week, you still hit each muscle group evenly, instead of going for an entire week or longer without training a specific muscle group.

In conclusion, for the general population, training full body is the most effective way to achieve better results from your workouts. Whether you have two or three days to train per week, a full body training split can help you achieve greater strength, muscle gain and calorie burn. If you need help structuring your full body workout, click the link below to work with me and get started!


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